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SurveyCTO allows you to collect data on mobile phones or tablets, or using a web browser.

Mobile data collection (CAPI)

The SurveyCTO Collect app allows you to collect data online and offline, using the full range of features SurveyCTO has available. You can download the app here.

Web data collection (CAWI)

For cases where your users will be connected to the Internet when filling out forms, you can also collect data via the web. To enable collection on a web browser, go to the Collect tab, scroll down to the section titled Web data collection, and click the toggle button to the ON position. Whenever that section is enabled, users will be able to go to the provided URL to find and fill out forms. For security reasons, web data collection is disabled by default.

Phone data collection (CATI)

Both the SurveyCTO Collect mobile app and the web data collection interface can be used for computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). You can learn more here.

Data-collection workflows

SurveyCTO gives you a lot of control over not just the forms that your users fill out, but also over the workflow surrounding the filling out of those forms. For example, you might take advantage of SurveyCTO's case management features when (a) you have a set of pre-defined cases (e.g., houses, schools, health centers, patients, or any other subject of data collection), and (b) you want one or more forms filled out for each case. You can also pre-load data into forms, publish form data directly into case management datasets, and publish datasets to Google Sheets and other external platforms.

See the help topics on mobile data collection, web data collection, phone data collection, and data-collection workflows to learn more.

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