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Zapier is a web service designed to connect other web services to each other. It acts as a kind of bridge, and it can take data streaming in from your SurveyCTO forms and trigger a wide variety of possible actions: you could send SMS's or emails, route the incoming data into other database or visualization systems, and much more. A single submission coming in from a SurveyCTO form can even trigger a series of different actions via Zapier.

Step one: Setting up the SurveyCTO side

You can get started by going to your server console's Export tab, scrolling down to the Advanced: publishing form and dataset data to the cloud section, and clicking the ON/OFF toggle to ON if you haven't already enabled cloud publishing.

To configure any one of your forms to publish to Zapier, click on the Configure option for that form, and then click Add connection in the Zapier section of the panel that appears.

You'll first need to choose a good name for your Zapier connection, based on the form and the subset of fields that you intend to publish to Zapier. After that, you'll need to select exactly which form fields to publish (but note that, for encrypted forms, only form fields that have been explicitly marked as publishable will be listed). There's a Select all button if you simply want to publish all fields.

Then, you have a few other options available:

  1. You can choose whether or not to include a hyperlink to the full submission in SurveyCTO, in the data that publishes to Zapier. (If you do include the hyperlink, and you happen to also be publishing a form field named "submission_url", choose a different name for the hyperlink.)
  2. You can check Publish existing data if you want to publish existing form submissions. If you don't check this option, then only new submissions that come in (after you configure publishing) will publish to Zapier.

Step two: Setting up the Zapier side

Once you save the new connection details on the SurveyCTO side, you'll be given an API key to use in configuring the connection on the Zapier side. Copy that to your clipboard.

To start creating a SurveyCTO-powered "zap" on the Zapier side, click here for instructions on linking to SurveyCTO... (That page will give you updated information on how to get started, depending on SurveyCTO's public listing status.)

When the time comes to configure your SurveyCTO account on the Zapier side, you'll be prompted for an API key. Just paste in the one you copied from your SurveyCTO console. (See this page for more about starting a SurveyCTO zap in Zapier, and see the Zapier website for more about how to configure and use Zapier more generally.)

Manually name each "account" on the Zapier side
A potential point of confusion is that SurveyCTO gives you a separate API key – and you have to link a separate "account" on the Zapier side – for every form that you publish to Zapier. Within a form, you can then configure multiple "connections" to publish different sets of fields (but in most cases you'll just need one connection per form). On the Zapier side, there is no way to name a linked "account" when it's created, but you can go to your dashboard to rename account links after you've created them. We strongly advise that, if you're going to publish multiple forms to Zapier, you rename your accounts to help keep track of which ones are associated with which forms.


As submissions come in to the server, your selected fields will be automatically published to Zapier – but there will be a brief delay of up to ten minutes.

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