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If you have administrative or user-management access to this SurveyCTO server, then the Configure tab is where you go to configure server settings and manage your teams, user roles, and users.

Adding your logo

You can customize the SurveyCTO platform by uploading your own logo. To do so, go to the Configure tab, and click on the Other button in the Server settings section. For best results, we recommend a .png image with a transparent background that's 400px wide and 100px tall. Once uploaded, your logo will replace the SurveyCTO logo in the following places:

  • Your server login page
  • The email verification page for shared access
  • The header in your web forms
  • The header in data export reports downloaded from your server console
  • The header in your server console, including the following server components:
    • Form designer
    • Data Explorer workbooks

Other individual server settings are discussed elsewhere in the documentation. Click to learn more about managing teams, user roles, and user accounts.

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