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In the form designer, click + Add visible field, then choose integer as the field type.

integer: prompts the user to enter some whole number (no decimals). If you include "show_formatted" in the appearance column, a formatted version of the number will be displayed as the user enters it (e.g., as in "120,000" for "120000"); any formatting will follow the user's locale settings to be appropriate to the local context.

Integers are limited, by nature, to be nine digits or less. If you need more than nine digits, use a text field with the "numbers" appearance.

In the spreadsheet form definition:

integerfieldnamequestion text 
integerfieldnamequestion textshow_formatted
Previewing fields and appearances
Click the hyperlinked field type above – or a hyperlinked appearance style, if any – to see a preview of the field or appearance in SurveyCTO Collect.
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