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To open or use this sample form, go to the Design tab, scroll down to the Your forms and datasets section, and click + then Start new form; then enable Use a sample form as your starting point and choose Field lists: Multiple questions on a single screen from the list. You can also click here to download the spreadsheet form definition.

In this sample, you will see two ways to display several questions on a single screen. In both cases, the questions to be displayed together have been grouped using begin group and end group rows. Also in both cases, "field-list" is specified in the appearance column, to indicate that these questions should appear on the same screen.

Following are the key elements of the first group in the spreadsheet form definition:

begin grouppage1Basic respondent detailsfield-list
textnameWhat is your name? 
select_one regionhh_regionWhich region are you in?minimal
end grouppage1  

Above, "minimal" is also specified in the multiple-choice question's appearance column, in order to display the options as a drop-down menu rather than a list of radio buttons. This is how the questions will appear to users:

In the second group, the "label" and "list-nolabel" appearances are used so that the series of multiple-choice questions will appear in a single table:

begin grouppage2Household assetsfield-list
select_one yesnolabelsHH has a..?label
select_one yesnohas_radioRadio?list-nolabel
select_one yesnohas_tvTV?list-nolabel
select_one yesnohas_motorbikeMotorbike?list-nolabel
select_one yesnohas_carCar?list-nolabel
end grouppage2  

And this is how these questions will appear to users:

To learn more, check out our support article How to display multiple questions on the same screen.
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