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In the Your forms and datasets section of the Design tab, you can organize your forms in whatever way makes the most sense for you and the teams that share your SurveyCTO subscription.

Click + and then Add group to add groups or sub-groups, and then drag and drop forms, datasets, and groups in order to re-order or re-group them. (If you have a lot of re-organizing to do and dragging and dropping becomes too tedious, you can choose the Organize option at the top of the Your forms and datasets section; that will allow you to quickly move forms and datasets in bulk.)

Throughout the SurveyCTO server console, forms and datasets will appear grouped and ordered according to the Design tab. When SurveyCTO Collect and SurveyCTO Desktop list all forms and/or datasets available on the server, they will also be listed in the same way; however, when Collect and Desktop list forms that have been downloaded locally (for offline use), they will be shown all together, in alphabetical order.

By default, new SurveyCTO servers are single-team servers, and all groups are shared by all users. However, if you have a multi-team server, then all forms and datasets will always be organized in groups of two types:

  1. Shared groups. These are groups that are shared by all users. (All groups default to being shared groups.)
  2. Team groups. These are groups that are linked to specific teams, and different users likely have different access to different team groups. For example, users that are part of a Rwanda team likely have access to the Rwanda team's group – but not, say, the Kenya team's group.

To learn more about teams and multi-team subscriptions, see Managing teams.

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