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In the form designer, edit Form settings, then check the deviceid meta-data field (if it isn't already).

deviceid: record the unique ID of the device used to fill out the survey. This field type can be used to link different surveys filled out on the same device. For example, you might have a "login form" that surveyors fill out each morning when they begin using a device, and then you might use the deviceid to link that data with the data from later forms filled out on the same device. This is an automatic, hidden field type: it is filled in automatically and never shows up in the survey's user interface.

In the spreadsheet form definition:

Platform limitations

Web browsers — Forms filled out using a web browser will always record "(web)" in the deviceid field.

Android — Forms filled out using the Collect app on Android versions 4-9 will record the IMEI in the deviceid field. On Android versions 10 and higher, the ANDROID_ID will be recorded instead. While the ANDROID_ID is still unique across devices, it will change if the device is reset with the factory defaults, and it will also be different for different users on the same device.

More about platform limitations...

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