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In the form designer, click + Add visible field, then choose audio as the field type.

audio: prompts the user to select or record an audio clip. Audio clips may be large and therefore may take a longer time or require a high-speed connection to to upload form data to the SurveyCTO server. Specify "new" in the appearance column to require that the user record a new audio clip (vs. select an existing one).

In the spreadsheet form definition:

audiofieldnamequestion text 
audiofieldnamequestion textnew

Please note: different devices use different audio-recording software, and different software records in different formats. Audio recordings might save and export in a common format like MP4, or they might use a format more specific to the mobile platform, like 3GPP. If you have trouble opening and playing your audio files, you might need to install software like VLC that plays the format in which it was saved.

Previewing fields and appearances
Click the hyperlinked field type above – or a hyperlinked appearance style, if any – to see a preview of the field or appearance in SurveyCTO Collect.
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