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To open or use this sample form, go to the Design tab, scroll down to the Your forms and datasets section, and click + then Start new form; then enable Use a sample form as your starting point and choose Auditing: Including text and audio audits from the list. You can also click here to download the spreadsheet form definition.

This sample form takes the "basics" sample form and adds both text and audio audits (for more about these kinds of audits, see the help topic on monitoring for quality). The key fields added to the workbook are:

text audittext_auditp=100
audio auditaudio_auditp=100; s=0; d=900

Because the text audit field has p=100 in its appearance column, the form will save text audits for 100% of filled-out forms. When the form's data has been downloaded and exported, these text audits will be saved as individual .csv files in the media subdirectory. For example:

Field nameTotal duration (seconds)First appeared (seconds into survey)

Because the audio audit field also includes p=100 in its appearance column, the form will also save audio recordings for 100% of filled-out forms. On download and export, these will also be included as individual audio files in the media subdirectory. And because s=0; d=900 was also specified in the appearance column, the audio recording will begin immediately (0 seconds into the survey) and last for up to 15 minutes (900 seconds of duration).

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