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After SurveyCTO Desktop has downloaded and exported new data, you can have it automatically execute outside processes (e.g., a Stata .do file to process and review the new data).

To do this, go into Workspace settings, click the Export options tab, and check off the Auto-run other processors after export checkbox.

Executing vs. opening files
If your "thenrun" files are opening instead of executing, you may need to rename the file or adjust a setting. For example, on Mac computers, you can rename a file to end in ".command" to execute by default, and Stata has a special setting to run vs. edit .do files by default.

Then, within the destination directory to which you export your data, simply create a thenrun subdirectory (named "thenrun" exactly) that contains any .cmd, .do, or other files that you want Desktop to open or run every time new data is exported to that destination. Desktop will open or run each file in alphabetical order, generally behaving as if you had double-clicked the file in your computer's file manager.

If you will be analyzing your data in Stata, see Using Stata for how to get started with auto-generated .do files.

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