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SurveyCTO is a "mobile-first" platform, built initially for Android devices, then later extended to support web and iOS. Each target platform is different, and so not every SurveyCTO feature works equally well everywhere. When designing your forms, therefore, you'll want to factor in any limitations that might affect your chosen target platforms.

Following is a quick summary of features with less than complete support. (If a feature isn't listed here, it's supported everywhere!)

geopoint fieldslimited support 1limited support 2
geoshape fields
geotrace fields
barcode fields
image fieldslimited support 3
deviceid fields
subscriberid fields
simserial fields
phonenumber fields
audio audit fields
speed violations audit fields
sensor_statistic fields
sensor_stream fields
Scan mode in enumerator fields
Ability to act as the default phone app
phone-call-log() function
phone-call-duration() function
collect-is-phone-app() function
Form shortcuts on device home screen
Integration with external apps
Local WiFi sync
Display density setting
Copying device settings
Uploading default device configurations
Debug mode
Reload submission with updated form definition
Sending crash reports
Supports requiring a device lock screen
Workspace passcode (formerly app passcode)
Public workspace storage
Quick setup
Offline dataset publishing
Offline case transfers

1 geopoint on web: no support for background appearance or offline map tiles
2 geopoint on iOS: no support for offline map tiles
3 image on web: no support for annotate, draw, or signature appearances

Test wherever you will deploy
Though it's most convenient to do most of your form testing on the web, you'll definitely want to test your final forms on all target devices, before deploying them for data-collection.
Keep devices updated
For users filling out your forms on a mobile device, you will also want to make sure the Collect app is updated to the latest version, otherwise some features may be unavailable. Your server console has a setting called enforce minimum app version, which will ensure that your forms always work properly and consistently on every device. See the topic on managing device security for more information.
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