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With a SurveyCTO subscription, you can use a single server to house data collection forms and data across multiple teams. Each team has its own secure area for data collection, and you control which users have access to each team’s forms and datasets.

To see subscription usage for your current month of service, click the Usage icon in the top-right of your server console.

Click here to watch a video about the Manage Subscription page.

To view and manage your subscription itself, see your Manage Subscription page. There, you can find the following:

  • Subscription level (trial, paid, or community)
  • Contact information and notification preferences
  • Billing details and payment methods
  • Number of teams on the subscription
  • Extra submission credits balance, and options to purchase additional credits
  • Which users have direct access to the SurveyCTO support team

Learn more about managing your users (i.e., authorized logins) in this help topic. Finally, for more information on our plans and teams model, visit our pricing page.

For more information, check out our support article Managing your SurveyCTO account.
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