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In the form designer, click + Add visible field, then choose text as the field type.

text: prompts the user to enter text. Indicate "numbers", "numbers_decimal", or "numbers_phone" in the appearance column to limit entries to numeric input and prompt the numeric keypad to show; different devices show different numeric keypads with different capabilities (e.g., with the "numbers" appearance hyphens may not be allowed or may only be allowed in the first position), so you may need to try the three variations to see which allows the characters you want on your particular device. Use a text field with one of these "numbers" appearances if, for example, you want to accept a number greater than nine digits in length, or if you want to accept a hyphen-separated list of numbers.

In the spreadsheet form definition:

textfieldnamequestion text 
textfieldnamequestion textnumbers
textfieldnamequestion textnumbers_decimal
textfieldnamequestion textnumbers_phone
Previewing fields and appearances
Click the hyperlinked field type above – or a hyperlinked appearance style, if any – to see a preview of the field or appearance in SurveyCTO Collect.
More options using field plug-ins
If you want to further customize a text field, you can use a field plug-in, which gives you complete control over the field's appearance and functionality. For more information on using existing field plug-ins, see the using field plug-ins help topic. If you want to learn about developing your own field plug-in, see the developer documentation. You can also learn more about field plug-ins in our Guide to field plug-ins. For a list of all available field plug-ins, check out our Field plug-in catalog.
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