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In the form designer, click + Add hidden field, then choose comments as the field type.

comments: allow users to enter free-form comments associated with any field(s) when filling out the form. When a field of this type is present in the form, users will have a new Add comment option available when filling out the form (depending on the mobile device, they can open the three-dot menu in the upper-right and choose Add comment, or just press the pencil button; in the web interface, it is an option on the Options menu at the top of the screen).

When you export data that includes comments, those comments will be exported into individual, submission-specific .csv attachments, and the URL or local path for each .csv file will be included in the exported form data, as the data for your comments field. For example, if you have a comments field named comments, then the comments column in your exported data will, for each submission that includes comments, include a URL or local path for a separate .csv file containing those comments; in that .csv file, there will be two columns, one containing the field name and one containing the comments on that field.

In the spreadsheet form definition:


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