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If you have a slow Internet connection or are working on your spreadsheet form definition while traveling, you may prefer to validate your form offline, without having to upload it to the SurveyCTO server.

To validate your form using SurveyCTO Desktop, select Validate form under Offline form tools, use the Browse button to tell Desktop where to find the form definition, and click Validate. Desktop will validate your form and report any errors or warnings, just as if you had uploaded it to the server.

To actually use your form to collect data, however, you will still need to install it onto one or more devices. The standard approach is to upload your form to the server and then download it onto a device (as discussed in the Quick-start guide). If you need to install a form onto a device without an Internet connection, however, you can do so via a local WiFi network: see Operating more fully offline (without the Internet) for details.

Java support required
In order to validate forms offline, SurveyCTO Desktop requires access to a working Java installation. Before going offline, be sure to try it out, to see if your computer already has a working Java installation; if not, you'll need to install it. See Oracle's Java page to learn more, or to download and install.
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