SurveyCTO Collect release notes

  Early release versions
Please note, these are the release notes for the early release versions. If you are looking for the release notes for the official release, please click here. If you are trying to install the latest official release of Collect, please click here and select one of the official release download options at the top.
Android Collect 2.70.3
May 30, 2020
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  1. New quick setup feature.
    This feature (available when you first install the app, and at any time from the General Settings menu) will allow you to specify a server name, username, and password, and Collect will automatically connect to your SurveyCTO server and apply the default device configuration for your user role (if any has been set). See the help topic on managing device settings for more information.
  2. Added the ability to upload Collect settings to your server, so that they can be added to a default device configuration.
  3. Added support for the new plug-in-metadata() function.
  4. Importing settings from a collect.settings file will now require you to first enter Collect's admin password, if one is set.
  5. Disabled Android's automatic backup functionality to ensure that private data doesn't get sent to Google Drive and that uninstalling the app will fully erase forms and data.
Android Collect 2.70.2
May 15, 2020
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  1. Shift to using app-specific storage
    Collect will now store data (including blank forms, filled out forms, attached datasets, settings, etc.) in a much more secure way. By default, all data will be stored in a private app directory within Collect, which means no other apps will have access to it. When you update to 2.70.2, you will be guided through the process of migrating your old storage to the new location.
    • Please note: Collect 2.70.2 (and all later versions) will delete ALL data when uninstalled. This is a change from existing behavior, in which users can uninstall/reinstall Collect while leaving the data folder intact.
    • Please note: the /SurveyCTO directory will no longer be available in the same place. If your current workflow involves interacting with that /SurveyCTO directory, you will need to make some changes. Please read the page on shifting to app-specific storage.
  2. New admin setting: App storage location
    • Private app storage
      All data will be securely stored within the Collect app itself. Data will be inaccessible to all other apps. This is the default setting.
    • Public app storage
      All data will be stored in /Android/data/ Other apps (like file manager apps) will be able to access this directory.
  3. New admin setting: App passcode
    When you set an app passcode, you will not be able to open Collect without first entering the correct passcode. You can use this to further protect your data when devices are in high-risk environments.
  4. Security updates for field plug-ins
    Began allowing plug-ins to access remote servers without needing to worry about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) restrictions, and added new restrictions to local file access.
Android Collect 2.70.1
April 23, 2020
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  1. Improvements to audio audits to record both sides of the call.
    We’ve added a new way for our audio listening service to better detect and cover phone calls. This should make it so both sides of phone calls are automatically recorded for Android 4, 5, 6, and 7 during audio audits, and in sensor stream/statistics readings. Since it has limited/no support in Android 8, 9, and 10, we added a new admin setting for turning it on/off. This new setting is called Use VOICE_CALL audio. Below is the expected compatibility and default setting for Use VOICE_CALL audio.
    • Android 4.4, 5, 6, and 7
      • When this setting is ON, we expect that both sides of the conversation will be recorded.
      • When this setting is OFF, we expect that only the caller side will be recorded.
      • Use VOICE_CALL audio is set to ON by default.
    • Android 8
      • When this setting is ON, we expect that caller audio may or may not be recorded, depending on your device. Respondent audio will not be recorded.
      • When this setting is OFF, we expect that only the caller side will be recorded.
      • Use VOICE_CALL audio is set to OFF by default.
    • Android 9
      • When this setting is ON, we expect that neither the caller nor the respondent audio will be recorded.
      • When this setting is OFF, we expect that neither the caller nor the respondent audio will be recorded, although some devices may support recording the caller audio.
      • Use VOICE_CALL audio is set to OFF by default.
    • Android 10
      • Whenever there is an active phone call on the device, we expect neither the caller nor the respondent audio will be accessible to SurveyCTO Collect (audio audits will be totally silent for the duration of the phone call).
      • Use VOICE_CALL audio is set to OFF by default.
  2. New “Auto download on demand” feature.
    When enabled, Collect will check the server for updates automatically at two points.
    • When you try to fill a blank form, it will check for updates to that form.
    • When you open a case list (by clicking Manage Cases), it will check for updates to the case list.
  3. New “Auto install downloaded updates” feature.
    When enabled, Collect will automatically install form updates as soon as they are downloaded. Coupled with the existing “auto download with wifi/network” features, this means form updates will be automatically downloaded and installed without needing to manually do anything in Collect. When a form has been updated automatically in this manner, a note will appear on the intro screen notifying the enumerator of the update, even if just an attached dataset was updated.
  4. Case management UI will now show the last time the case list was updated. In both the tree view and the table view, a new bar will appear at the top showing the last time the cases dataset was updated.
  5. Improved the auto download schedule.
    If the auto download feature is enabled and active in Collect, the new schedule will check for updates every minute for ten minutes following submitting data. If ten minutes goes by without submitting more data, we revert to checking for updates hourly.
  6. Support for two new functions:
    • phone-call-log()
      Records an event log of all call activity that happens while filling out the form. Each event is recorded on a new line in the format: event_name | phone_number | timestamp, where event_name describes the type of phone call event, phone_number records the phone number (if applicable), and timestamp records the time since the form was started. Possible values for event_name are Form started, Form started (call in progress), Call started, Call ended, Form exited, Form exited (call in progress), Form resumed, and Form resumed (call in progress). The timestamp will show seconds since the start of the form and is calculated in the exact same way as the duration() function.
    • device-info()
      Returns information about the device that is being used to fill out the form. The format will vary slightly depending on which platform is being used.
      Web forms[browser user-agent]|SurveyCTO web forms [SERVER_VERSION]